First Baptist Church Staff

  • Rev. Karen Mendes - Pastor
  • Pastor Thee Say - Karen Baptist Community Pastor
  • Olivia Chamberlain - Church Administrator
  • Evan Allen - Organist
  • Anna Roy - Chancel Choir Director
  • Steve Perkins - Instrumental Group Director
  • Julie Sweeney - Sexton

Officers of First Baptist

  • Sarah Dopp - Moderator
  • Mark Paulsen - Assistant Moderator
  • Cindy Little - Clerk
  • Beth Gamache - Assistant Clerk
  • Chris Thompson - Treasurer
  • Bill McCormick - Assistant Treasurer
  • Marilyn Siple - Financial Secretary
  • Sarah Dopp - Historian
  • Andy Farrington - Parliamentarian

Green Steeple, Grateful People, Growing In Faith, Proclaiming God's Love


The 9-member Board of Trustees handles the temporal affairs of First Baptist Church. This encompasses oversight of the real property and investments. The congregation owns two buildings, the church itself (plus contents) at 81 St. Paul St., and a commercial rental next door at 139 Bank St., which provides an investment income to the congregation and keeps our options open for future programming needs. A subcommittee of the Trustees works with the property management company, Redstone, to find suitable tenants and maintain the building.

Three of the Trustees constitute an investment committee, which we call the “Trustees of the Permanent Funds.” This group works closely with our financial advisors, Rock Point Advisors, to manage our investments and provide financial resources for the annual church budget and special projects. The “TPF” have long employed procedures which ensure that the “purchasing power of the assets is maintained” (the value of original bequests is preserved in the current valuations).

There is a Finance Committee staffed by Trustees and other church members, to coordinate the annual stewardship (pledging) campaign and the budgeting and ministry planning process. The Property Committee is made up of Trustees and other church members who keep the church building in good repair, sometimes doing jobs themselves, working with the Sexton, or getting bids and working with contractors on projects.