First Baptist Church Staff

  • Rev. Karen Mendes - Pastor
  • Pastor Thee Say - Karen Baptist Community Pastor
  • Annie Field - Director of Christian Education
  • Adam Chamberlain - Church Administrator
  • Evan Allen - Organist
  • Anna Roy - Chancel Choir Director
  • Steve Perkins - Instrumental Group Director
  • The Karen Baptist Community

Officers of First Baptist

  • Sarah Dopp - Moderator
  • Mark Paulsen - Assistant Moderator
  • Cindy Little - Clerk
  • Beth Gamache - Assistant Clerk
  • Chris Thompson - Treasurer
  • Bill McCormick - Assistant Treasurer
  • Marilyn Siple - Financial Secretary
  • Sarah Dopp - Historian
  • Andy Farrington - Parliamentarian

Green Steeple, Grateful People, Growing In Faith, Proclaiming God's Love

Our Vision

A Vision Statement of the First Baptist Church, Burlington

We, the congregation of the First Baptist Church of Burlington, an American Baptist Church, strive to serve God and to fulfill the church covenant by seeking to be a spiritually vital and socially active church in Burlington and Chittenden County.

We welcome members and friends of all ages into a dynamic, inclusive, and multi-cultural community of faith committed to the well being of all people. As a people of faith and reason we inspire, challenge and transform our lives and community through our ministries of worship, music, education, and congregational care.

Intending to reflect the love of Christ and acting on our faith and beliefs, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we serve the needs of our local community and world through active service and denominational mission in order to show God’s love to the world.