Ask the Pastor – April 22, 2018

On April 22, our worship time included our annual opportunity to pose questions about the Bible, faith, and Baptist life.  The questions reveal a community deeply engaged with living a faith filled life.

  • Can we have more sermon talk-backs at forum time?
  • What does it feel like; and what is the orthodoxy and orthopraxis; of you facing the congregation throughout worship?
  • What are the Scriptural examples and ethos, that we as congregants of FBC, might heed in our care of you?
  • How do we know how true the Bible stories are when we didn’t have paper and pencils or typewriters or computers in the old days?
  • What do politics have to do in Christian life?
  • What is our moral compass?
  • Do atheists believe that Jesus Christ walked the earth, and if so, why isn’t that enough for them to “believe”?
  • In what specific ways might we bolster Sunday attendance?
  • If Jesus is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, and God is God, does that mean there are 3 gods? We say there is only one God, so how does that work?
  • Why don’t we have more readings/sermons from the Old Testament?
  • If we are monotheists, why do we pray to Jesus, and how are we to understand the Spirit in this modern day?
  • Was your trip to California inspirational and helpful in your ministry?